Our Mission:

Nsignia, LLC was founded with the purpose of bringing buyers of
chemicals closer to their manufacturing partners and to enable
manufacturers in the US and Europe tie-up with manufacturers in India in
the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry.

Nsignia offers internationally competitive prices, prompt delivery and an
unmatched level of responsiveness to our clients needs.

We specialise in sourcing chemicals like
Isatoic Anhydride, Methyl
Anthranilate, Dimethyl Anthranilate and other fine chemicals.
Nsignia LLC offers:
Superior quality chemicals at competitive prices.

Contract & joint-venture manufacturing.
Suite 325, 390 Amwell Road,
Hillsborough, NJ 08844.

Tel: 908-904-1802. Fax: 908-904-0471
Email: info@nsigniallc.com